Switch Yourself On! – 5Rhythms® Retreat in the Danube Bend

It was but yesterday,
I thought myself a fragment quivering
without rhythm in the sphere of life…
Now I know that I am the sphere,
and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me…

~ Kahlil Gibran

Switch yourself on and take part in everything what’s around you and what’s you! When we step out of the daily routine of our lives usually we just “switch ourselves off”; in Hungarian we even call it that way – the summer holiday is called “switching off”.

On this retreat I invite you to SWITCH yourself ON. Switch on everything in yourself which is living, which is moving, which is real. Instead of the “must do” look for the attraction of life: what is attracting your attention, what feels good doing, what is it that wants to happen in you?

In this retreat we use the map of the 5Rhythms® instead of the “must” we rather follow our attractions in movement, breathing and attention. We will observe our connections to ourselves, to others and to nature. We will be outdoors and indoors, we will be loud and quiet, we will move alone and with the group. Come and experience it, allow yourself to impress yourself!


We meet at 18h on 19th July 2012, we finish on 22nd early afternoon.


In Zebegény, 60 kms north of Budapest.


It is possible to sleep in a school room on the floor. Showers and toilets are available. Cost is 1000 HUF/person/night.

There are local bed and breakfast places nearby as well.


The retreat will be lead by Péter Fejér, accredited 5Rhythms teacher. Usually we will dance in the morning and in the evening, 3-3 hours each. We might also psend some time in the nature, this depends on the weather. Bring comfortable shoes for the forest!

Very close to the venue it is possible to hike in the woods and swim in the Danube.


Full price: €120 (accomodation and food is NOT included)
Early booking before 25th June: €90
If you bring your partner (with whom you live together) he/she gets a 50% discount.

Please fill in the online booking form by clicking here! (It takes only a minute.)

Further information:
Orsolya Küsz
+36 70 367 1951

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