Body, voice and being- Ongoing group with Peter Wilberforce

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An invitation to travel

Towards a place of freedom and integration where there is no separation between the impulses that move through us and what we express physically and vocally – a balance between sound and silence, between movement and stillness, between matter and space?

The dance and the voice

For me, the dance has always been a place of discovery, of freedom and of joy – a place in which I can give expression to everything that I am.  I am grounded and centred.  I  sense more clearly what moves inside me.  I can open more fully to what is happening around me.   In this place of meeting – me and the world – my voice finds it’s expressive pathway: it resonates inside me, moves through me and sounds out without inhibition, free and clear.

Travelling together

From October 2013 I invite you to a cycle of 5 weekends to discover and explore deeply my practice of Body and Voice.  It will be an opportunity to travel as a group of fellow explorers on the path of the relationship between the body and the voice, movement and sound, dance and song.

Along the way we will be guided by 2 primary questions:

–     how do we deepen our relationship to ourselves through the body in movement and the free voice, to be more fully present in and to the world?

–     what will be expressed if we give ourselves completely to the dance, if we open wide our arms to welcome breath as inspiration and if we invite sound to resonate inside ourselves without trying to understand or control it?

5 rhythms / 5 weekends

This cycle – 4 weekends in Budapest and a long residenial weekend in the countryside – is offered as an ongoing group for which participants subscribe to all the weekends.  We will take our first steps in the middle of October to meet again 4 times through 2014 – mid January, the end of March, early June, the end of August.   Each weekend we will move through the landscape of one of the 5 rhythms® as the ground for our exploration of the relationship between body, breath and voice.

On the road

We will travel using the tools of the 5 rhythms ® dance, free voice work and exercises from various other body, voice and breathing practices, and sitting meditation.

Sharing our dances, we will create a collective energy in which each dancer can follow their own path, accompanied and supported by the group.   Together we will create fields of sound in which our individual voices can blossom.   We will play together to give ourselves to the joy of spontaneous creation.   We will soften into silence to better hear the hidden songs and dances emerging from our depths which seek expression in the world.

There will be moments to work alone, in pairs, in small groups and altogether.   We will take time to listen to what is happening for each person and to reflect on our experiences.


If this proposal speaks to you, come and join us.  You will be most welcome.   To participate the requirement is simply that you have 30 hours of experience in the 5 rhythms® dance practice.  You do not need to have worked with voice before, but be curious to discover your free voice and courageous enough to let out wild and unexpected sounds.

Places are limited to 24.  You’ll find all the practical information below.  Don’t hesitate to write to us if you have any questions before registering.





BUDAPEST – 2013 – october 19-20 / 2014 – january 18-19 – march 29-30 – june 7-8

saturday 11h to 18h / sunday 10h30 to 17h30

RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND – august 29-31 – friday 29 from 2pm to sunday 31 5pm



480 EUR before 8 September (non-refundable deposit 96EUR)

FULL PRICE 600 EUR  (non-refundable deposit 120 EUR)


Accommodation and food at the residental is not included !

It is possible to pay module to module, not nessary to pay all together the whole amount.



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