One Tribe

5Rhythms® retreat in Zebegény, Hungary, led by Peter Fejer, accredited teacher

For booking please [click here] and fill in this short form.

Based on the idea of suspended coffee we open the possibility
for suspended workshop! For details please roll down.

We are colourful. There are stronger and weaker among us. Some have wide ears, or short noses, or perfect faces. Some speak English, or German and some are mute. There are rich and poor. But we all have common roots, and essentially we belong to one tribe.One Tribe

The movement map of the 5Rhythms® leads us to these common roots. To the place where the language and cultural differences are irrelevant. Where you can freely express yourself and where you are able to accept the expressions of others. The 5Rhythms® is a community practice. Our movements inevitably influence each other even without special attention. In the free movement we can find each other afresh, we can become one tribe again. And into this tribe we can all bring our own individual colours and patterns.

During this retreat there will be six dancing sessions and in between them there will be some other activities which you can attend if you feel like. There will be a live drumming session and we will go to the nature as well. Very close to the venue you can swim in the Danube or hike in the woods. If you feel that you can add something to the retreat, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A zebegényi dunapart nyáron, a tánc helyszínétől kb 100 méterre.
The Danube bank in summer, only a few steps from the venue.

Time: 11th July, 2013. afternoon – 14th July, 2013. noon (from Thursday to Sunday)
Venue: Elementary School of Zebegény, Hungary
Pre booking until 31st May: 105 EUR
Full price: 135 EUR
Pre booking deposit: 20 EUR
If your partner applies he/she is entitled to a 50% discount (from the actual price based on his/her application date).

These prices only consist of the workshop price, accommodation and food is not included. We help to organise them happily. There are cheap places and also possibilities of higher standard.
We will order lunch for the group, it’s optional to join or not.

Suspended workshop

Thanks to a generous offer we opened the possibility for suspended workshop. If you would like to come but right now you don’t have the financial means to do it you can apply for a suspended place. In this case you need to pay only the deposit and take care of the food and lodging. If there are more requests than offers, then we will select from the applications randomly. If you are interested, please write a letter to Andrea Koszo.

Her email is:

At the moment we have two suspended places. If you are generous you can pay for more suspended places. In this case you should also write to Andrea. Every donation will count double, so with a donation of 40 EUR you make it possible for one more person to come!
The names of the givers and takers are kept confidential. This is as anonim form of donation.

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