Winter Harvest 2012

„The harvest of our prayers we’ve turned toward the granary of the ecstatic soul.”

Winter Harvest – 5Rhythms© retreat in Zebegény, Hungary

Led by Péter Fejér, accredited 5Rhythms© teacher

The end of the old year and the beginning of a new. I don’t think it’s important when does the calendar starts a new new, but this is a good occasion to take an account and to plan. It is a perfect occasion to turn our attention toward what is important, good, worth living for. It is a time for celebrating everything good what happened to us, to harvest the fruits of the last year, and then we can carry on this joy to inspire us in the next.

On this retreat I invite you to use Gabrielle Roth’s map of the five rhythms to look for the balance between the analysing, planning mind and the soul which acknowledges the joy of the present moment and which gathers its strength from the experience.

Our dance can become a source of joy.
Our dance can become a tool, showing us the path toward the creativity of the spirit.
Our dance can become a healing power.

Time: 29th December 2012. – 1st January 2013.

We dance 5Rhythms every day and there will be other programme elements as well. On the first day we start late afternoon, and on the last we finish with a lunch. There will be six dancing sessions, three hours each, and other activities – based on volunteer contributions.

Planned schedule of the retreat

29th December
15:00 arrival, registration
16:30-19:30 dance session

30th December
9:00-12:00 dance session
12:30 lunch (don’t forget to tell us if you would like to have it)
Free afternoon.
16:30-19:30 dance session

31st December
9:00-12:00 dance session
12:30 lunch
Free afternoon.
15:30-18:30 outdoor activities and dance with live music
20:00 free evening

1st January
10:00-13:00 dance session
13:00 lunch
Going home.

Venue: Zebegény, Elementary School, 2627 Zebegény, Petőfi tér 1-2.

Full price: 135 EUR
Early  booking prize until 28th Dec.: 105 EUR

If your partner is also coming, he or she gets a 50% discount.

Further information:
Küsz Orsolya +36 70 367 1951

For booking, please fill in this form:

 (If you can’t see the form, click here: )

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