5Rhythms Open Day

We organized an Open Day of 5Rhythms in Budapest on 4 December. It took place in the building of SÍN Cultural Center, where we usually organize other 5Rhythms workshops as well. We had two dance sessions, both 3 hours long, and a long break between them, which gave opportunity to socializing events.

Enthusiastic volunteers prepared delicious sandwiches and cakes and sold them during the break. Other volunteers organized a painting workshop and created three pictures to serve as decoration on workshops. Others created a talking circle where they exchanged their experiences related to dance, movement, 5Rhythms. And we also were selling some products, like CD-s and smudges, and also the 5R T-shirts. We will use all income for the benefit of the Hungarian 5Rhythms non-profit organization.

(photo by Éva Bóta)

There were altogether around 60 people participating on this event, which is a big success. Around 15 people volunteered to help in the preparation and organization, and they deserve a big THANK YOU! :-)

Several participants told me that they liked the idea of this kind of event and they enjoyed very much dancing, chit-chatting and just being together in a nice place with friendly people.

For more pictures, click here!

(photo by Éva Bóta)

5Rhythms Open Day” bejegyzéshez egy hozzászólás

  1. wow thank you for sharing about this, I was so curious and just love hearing how good it was! It really inspires me to do something like that in Zagreb! Thank you for inspiration! It really was a success, so many dancers and so many volunteers, so much to offer and share! Keep moving!

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